Push Reporting

Supported platforms: Windows Server

The Push Reporting system is designed to give users the ability to easily create report templates, based on pre-defined SQL query statements, and to schedule to have reports dynamically generated and emailed to them on a regular basis. The email output can be in the form of plain text, HTML, or file attachments (such as PDF and Excel).


The user is able to view his report templates (and those of other users, provided the user has the appropriate access rights), as well as view, edit, and delete them. Furthermore, at any time the user can choose to generate a report for immediate emailing.

The generation of reports is handled by dynamically-created SQL DTS packages, one for each report template:

  • When a report template is added by the user, a DTS package is created and scheduled to run according to the parameters specified by the user
  • When a report template is modified, the DTS package is updated accordingly
  • When a report template is disabled/re-enabled, the package is disabled/enabled
  • When a report template is deleted, the package is also deleted

The users can manage their report templates via the web interface, and can decide, for each report template, the periodicity of the report sending process, as well as the  content of  the report.


  ASP.NET Materialize AngularJS
  Visual Basic .NET ASP.NET MS SQL Server MS IIS



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