Supported platforms: Android, iOS

The Real app was developed for a dairy retail company that held dairy events at various locations.

The app displays events, locations and food recipes. The user can visualize the meeting locations for the events.

Real also contains a contact form to receive data, depending on the phone’s location.



  • View top dairy based recipes with full instructions

  • Search for near Farm Breakfast locations using Zip code or current location (using the device GPS)

  • The app determines Special Events near the user

  • Calendar control for searching Events by date

  • View Event location on map by using the device default map provider

  • Share favorite Farm Breakfast Events and recipes between devices (using an online SOAP based web service)





The first image highlights the screen with the top dairy based recipes.


This screenshot illustrates the search options for farm breakfast events by calendar date or user location (zip code or current device location):


This photo shows the screen that allows users to search for near event locations (using ZIP code or current GPS location):



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