Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari


Risk Matrix Workspace Access is an application that provides access to risk matrix workspaces hosted on a third-party site. It allows remote management of the workspaces from SharePoint and it uses a single sign-on (SSO) mechanism to perform authentication and authorization.

With a single sign-on property of access control, a user is able to login with a single ID and password in order to obtain access to multiple related software systems, without using different usernames or passwords.

This is achieved using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and stored LDAP databases on servers. LDAP is an open industry standard application protocol that provides access and maintenance of distributed directory information services over an IP network.



  • Remote management of workspaces

  • The workspace details can be exported to Excel

  • Single sign-on mechanism on top of LDAP

  • Extension of SSO outside LDAP





SharePoint .NET MS SQL Server PHP MySQL  





This screenshot illustrates the workspace edit page, where the administrator can configure workspace settings and permissions


This screenshot presents the workspace list, where administrators have the ability to create, edit and delete workspaces. Normal users can only see the list and navigate to specific workspaces


The diagram shown in this section exemplifies the way in which the application works




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