Supported platforms: Windows

Storker is a tool that allows users to create a birthday present in the form of an animated story, featuring a funny stork.

It includes an album section, where you can insert photos, videos and sound recordings of the person receiving the gift. The resulting movie can be saved, e-mailed, or burned on a DVD.




  • Integration and displaying of personalized details (e.g. age, birth city) in the movie action;

  • Custom filters which allow the addition of special effects (sepia, aging etc.) to the movie;

  • Easy to use drag and drop interface;

  • Real-time preview of all editing;

  • Video DVD authoring and burning;




The user can drag photos from the central pane to the storyboard below, and see the resulting movie in the player:


The user can personalize the videos in the settings screen:


The media library panel allows the user to add pictures, videos, sounds, and predefined funny clips that show the stork character reacting to specific pictures:



  .NET C++  



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