Survey BigData Analyzer

Supported platforms: Windows, Linux

Survey BigData Analyzer consists of a suite of applications covering the entire process of gathering, modeling, and interpreting survey information for the purpose of discovering new market trends, customer preferences, and hidden patterns.

The suite consists of multiple apps: Survey Creator, Survey Distribution System, Survey Data Storage, Survey Analysis Service, Data Reporting Dashboard




  • Discover market trends and customer preferences to evaluate supply and demand by using data gathered from customer surveys;

  • The suite allows users to create surveys and distribute them across email, social networks or via QR codes;

  • All the data resulted from completed surveys is stored inside Cassandra database clusters;

  • The data is gathered from the databases by a custom analysis service component, then it is modeled and analyzed in the Apache Spark framework;

  • The data processed by the custom analysis service is displayed via the Data Reporting Dashboard.



The following diagram presents the entire flow of the Survey BigData Analyzer:

The following diagram details how the Survey Analysis Service works:

The following diagram presents the data-collection flow, from completed surveys all the way to data interpretation:



  Cassandra Spark Ruby RoR Python Bootstrap


Survey Creator

The Survey Creator application allows content managers to create surveys for various areas of activity (retail industry, research activities etc.). All surveys are mobile-friendly and can be created using default templates or can be personalized with the help of custom templates.

Survey Distribution System

The Survey Distribution System is a component which allows users to automatically distribute the created surveys.

The surveys can be shared on various channels, by email, social networking services (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), or by using QR codes, which is a good approach for mobile devices.

Survey Data Storage

The data gathered from completed surveys is stored inside Apache Cassandra clusters, which are located in different areas for a better geographical span, as well as to improve server availability and failover. All the data collected from surveys is stored as structured data in Cassandra, thanks to this management system’s capability to handle very large amounts of data.

Survey Analysis Service

The Survey Analysis Service is able to perform real-time data analysis on the data stored in Apache Cassandra databases. Using the Apache Spark framework, the service is able to extract and prepare the data for visualization and predictive analytics.

The Data Access Layer is implemented via Spark Cassandra connectors. The service comes with Cassandra Storage Cluster support, allowing jobs to be distributed across multiple nodes. Additionally, the data integration engine is capable of running multiple processes in parallel by using a multi-threaded architecture, which results in low execution times.

Data Reporting Dashboard

The Data Reporting Dashboard shows the resulting information and statistics from the Survey Analysis Service. Based on the data processed by this service, the user can visualize and analyze data in order to create reports. Data analysts can then review the detailed information as a means for discovering patterns and trends.


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