Time Tracker

Supported platforms: Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera

Time Tracker is a complete time tracking application, composed of an online server and multiple web clients. The app allows complex management of customers, projects, activities and worktimes. It provides support for registering expenses, computing service fees based on activity rates, and does automatic invoice generation.




  • Supported by many browsers and operating systems;

  • Clean UI, but also supports complex designs;

  • More responsive (faster) than normal web applications;

  • Supports complex user interfaces - tree views, lists, tabs - much better than HTML pages;

  • Unique programming language and development environment, for both client and server side, which speeds up implementation.



This screenshot illustrates the worktime editing function, showcasing the available options

This screenshot shows the default screen layout. To the left we can see a hierarchical tree view of the information, while on the right we have a list view of the details. The details to the right can be exported to an XLS file

The user can drill down the information tree and view only the data they are interested in

As shown in this screenshot, users can preset certain data values to be added later, which will speed up data input






  SQL Server .NET Framework IIS



The Timer Tracker suite is highly secure, since all the network communication is protected using industry standard 128/256 SSL encryption, which prevents unauthorized access and data interception. It boasts great performance, because it indexes all the frequently used data, making it available immediately.

The Business Layer contains the core application logic for validating entries, generating reports, permissions and specific business logic. It exposes functionality by means of a standardized WCF interface, which allows easy integration (via XML-based SOAP protocol) with any third-party applications.

Also included in the app's structure are three types of clients, specifically the Mobile Client which is designed for mobile phones and PDA's that support an internet browser, the Desktop Client meant for desktop and laptop computers, and the Silverlight Web Client that can be accessed from many devices/operating systems including Windows and macOS.



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