Supported platforms: Windows


TGT is a content development application for creating reusable training materials and e-learning courses.

The users can create e-learning materials that can be easily modified after they are complete.



  • Create a wide range of courses, tutorials, presentations and e-learning materials using TGT

  • Create simulations of applications usage and distribute them in multiple formats: Word document, Flash video or executable file

  • Translate existing materials and republish them in different languages

  • Export and import TGT projects as XML that facilitates transferring projects to other users and making it easy to modify them without actually needing the TGT application

  • Use the OCR functionality to scan text from images and add it to the project

  • Perform full screen or custom screenshots and add the resulting images as slides or objects in the project

  • Customizable user interface color scheme

  • Compatibility with Oracle's UPK application and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations

  • Test recognition functionality (OCR)

  • SCORM compatibility

  • Integrates spellchecker





.NET Adobe Flex SDK ActionScript Lame MP3 Encoder MODI / OneNote Windows Forms  





This screen presents the Timeline functionality, where users can change the starting time and the duration of each object from the slide.


This screenshot presents the video frame capture functionality, where frames can be imported from uploaded videos.


This screen presents the Import from Powerpoint feature, which imports slides and elements from the popular Office application.


In this section, the Publish window is presented. The user can:

  • publish the project as .SWF (Flash)
  • publish as  .AVI
  • send the published file directly on email
  • publish as Word document
  • copy through FTP





The e-learning materials can be easily expanded with versions in other languages by modifying and importing an easy-to-use translation .XLS file.

Frames can be imported from other TGT projects or from other formats, such as PowerPoint, images or video. Several tools are available for creating extensive training materials: Text Box, Line/Arrow, Mouse Movement object, Balloon, Button and more.

These are the three TGT Versions:

  1. TGP – eLearning tool for creating and publishing training material in multiple formats
  2. T-UPK – enables compatibility between TGT and another popular eLearning tool – Oracle UPK. Oracle UPK packages can be converted to TGT compatible files and vice versa
  3. TGT-Edit – Lightweight version of TGP that allows the manipulation of images in the same way that TGT can modify slides




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