Tree Viewer

Supported platforms: Windows

A hierarchical tree browser with enhanced graphical interface.



The software allows the following operations to be performed:

1. Tree navigation

  • High quality graphical interface, supporting alpha blending, anti-aliasing, flicker free operation, skinning and animated transitions

  • Clicking on a node will bring it to the center and display its relative nodes and links

  • Right clicking the workspace will display the 'Jump to root' shortcut that will make the root node the currently displayed node

  • Clicking a history item will restore the view of the item clicked

  • Clicking a tunnel item will cause a 'jump' to the node clicked

  • Placing the mouse cursor over a tree node/edge will display the full name of the item (in the case it was to big to be displayed in the case of the nodes, and always for the links (edges) that are displayed only as their initials, to use less screen space)

  • Double clicking a node will cause a jump to the target location of that node, which may be an URL (using the default browser) of a file (in this case the file will be opened with the associated application, for example Media Player in the case of a movie file)

  • A full screen mode is provided from the View menu in order to ease navigation of complex trees. The mode can be deactivated using the escape key or the right-click menu

 2. Tree editing - all the commands are available from the right-click menu, some will be visible only when clicking the appropriate item (for example, clicking a node will enable the ‘Add child' command)

  • Root node creation - for empty trees, creates a new root node

  • Child/Parent adding - Creates a new node and attaches it to the current node with a default link; the user may the name of the new node or may select an existing name, in which case it will be asked whether to use the existing node (and make it the parent/child of the current node) or to create a new one having the same name

  • Node/link renaming

  • Tunnel link creation/deletion

  • Node/link creation deletion

  • Make root command - makes the current node the root node of the tree

  • Set target command - allows the target of the node (URL/file) to be specified

 3. Tree persistence - trees can be saved and loaded



  Visual C++ .NET    



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