Our company has developed for VMware, Inc. a secured access solution (project codename: TCBHO), more precisely a browser add-on that allows users to manage their usernames and passwords for all their online accounts. When the user navigates to a website where he has an active account, the solution automatically fills in the username and password fields with the stored information and logs in.

Other highlights of the project are as follows:

  • The solution is able to store the usernames and passwords for multiple accounts from the same website
  • Automatic detection of password updates: if a new password is used for a saved username, add-on will prompt the user to update the password for the current account username
  • Automatic detection for new accounts: TCBHO automatically detects website login actions and prompts the user to save the new account details
  • TCBHO supports multiple international languages

The login process for a website that has a single set of saved credentials is presented below:

Featured Case Study: VMware Diagram

Similar as above, only that the login process for a website that has 2 sets of saved credentials:

Featured Case Study: VMware Diagram

The following slide presents the logic behind TCBHO:

Featured Case Study: VMware Diagram

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