DirectX is an innovating technology that allows the development of real-time multimedia processing applications based on a graph structure which contains media providers, consumers and various effects and transformations

The effect we have developed for this framework is a zoom/pan effect - this may seem trivial at first sight, but it is in fact quite difficult to implement for real-time applications (and this is probably the reason for which it is not included in the official framework release)

The real time requirement places very strict performance constraints on the software that are impossible to meet without using extensive optimizations. Another critical requirement was the quality of the output media, which must be suitable for multimedia presentations

Our product has addressed this issues follows:

1. Performance

  • An assembly optimized superscalar core has been developed using MMX technology
  • The performance increase delivered, compared to a reference scalar C++ filter, is more than one order of magnitude

 2. Quality

  • The system implements a high-quality, sub pixel accurate, bilinear filter

 Platform details

  • Environment: Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Development language: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, DirectMedia SDK
  • Requirements: DirectX 10

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