Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR allows developers to use HTML, JavaScript, Flash, and ActionScript in order to create web applications that do not require an internet connection, but instead run as standalone applications without the need of a browser.


  • Easier development than native desktop applications
  • AIR applications have access to all the resources of the operating system 


  • Dynamic execution of JavaScript is not supported, this makes certain JavaScript frameworks incompatible with Adobe AIR (the ones that make use of the "eval" function)
  • Unlike web applications, AIR applications need to be installed

Components and features

  • Access to web services
  • XML data support
  • Emedded SQLite database
  • Encrypted local storage

Development tools

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
  • Adobe Flash Builder 4
  • Flash CS4


  • Adobe AIR 1.0 (release)
  • Adobe AIR 1.1 (support for additional operating systems)
  • Adobe AIR 1.5 (Linux version)
  • AIR 2.6 (Android support)
  • AIR 2.7 (dropped Linux support)
  • AIR 3.0 (native 64-bit CPU architecture support, hardware accelerated graphics support)
  • AIR 17.0 (latest version)


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