jQuery is an open source JavaScript library that speeds up the web development process. Faster web development processes can be accomplished because the library provides a variety of predefined functions, which means that the development time for creating custom functions in raw JavaScript is shortened.

jQuery is designed so that it's easier to navigate through a document, create animations, select DOM elements, handle events and develop Ajax applications. It also gives developers the possibility to create plug-ins on top of the JavaScript library, and also to create abstractions for low-level interaction and animation, themeable widgets and advanced effects.


  • It simplifies event handling
  • It simplifies HTML doc traversing
  • It facilitates Ajax interactions and animation
  • It has a comprehensive library, and its functions can cover almost all development needs
  • It has a strong community backing, with a large number of jQuery plug-ins readily available
  • jQuery is very well documented and it has an abundance of tutorial materials available
  • It is lightweight, compared with other JavaScript frameworks


  • It depends on the jQuery JavaScript file, which increases page load time
  • If it's used in large applications, it will be a bit more difficult to keep the code organized
  • If scripts interfere with each other, it can be difficult to debug

Development tools

  • Visual Studio
  • Eclipse
  • Text editors (such as Sublime Text or Notepad++)


  • jQuery 1.x
  • jQuery 2.x
  • jQuery 3.0
  • jQuery 3.1


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