ZigBee is a wireless standard technology used to create networks by using small, low-powered digital radios capable to communicate over long distances, by using intermediate devices to reach more distant ones. ZigBee is suitable for applications that require low data rate, long battery life and secure networking.


  • Low cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Highly reliable
  • Secured
  • Short time delay
  • Large network capacity


  • Low bandwidth when comparing to other technologies
  • Requires a lot of expertise to configure and manage the network
  • Products require certification to ensure compatibility
  • It takes a lot of time to develop and test a solution

Device Types

  • ZigBee Coordinator - this device is the creator of the network and is responsible for its maintenance and can bridge to other networks
  • ZigBee Router - this device can run an application and also act as a node in the network, forwarding data from other devices
  • ZigBee End Device - this device only contains enough functionality to communicate to the parent node (either a coordinator, or a router), it cannot act as a node. This means that it requires less memory and is therefore cheaper to manufacture. It also has a longer battery life.


  • ZDO (ZigBee Device Object)
  • APS (Application support sublayer)
  • KVP (Key-value pair service)
  • NWK (Networking App Layer)
  • DLC (Data Link Controller)

Development tools

  • EM35X Development Kits
  • EM35X NCP Add-on Kit
  • Desktop Network Analyzer
  • Ember App Builder
  • Debug Adapter
  • ETRX3 Development Kit


  • ZigBee Home Automation 1.2
  • ZigBee Smart Energy 1.1b
  • ZigBee Telecommunication Services 1.0
  • ZigBee Health Care 1.0
  • ZigBee RF4CE - Remote Control 1.0
  • ZigBee RF4CE - Input Device 1.0
  • ZigBee Light Link 1.0
  • ZigBee IP 1.0
  • ZigBee Building Automation 1.0
  • ZigBee Gateway 1.0
  • ZigBee Gree Power 1.0 as optional feature of ZigBee 2012

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