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How to deal with MSSQL language portability issue in ASP.NET - Part 2

Apr 15, 2014 by Alexandra

If in Part 1 we've detailed what exactly generated a MS SQL Server language portability issue, now I'll detail the solution. [...] The fastest workaround for the MS SQL Server language portability issue (but still, not a perfect solution; for building a proper code, please see the "Best practices" detailed below) is to [...] ... read more

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How to deal with MS SQL language portability issue in ASP.NET - Part 1

Apr 10, 2014 by Alexandra

Let's say that you have a legacy project, or a project for which you want to upgrade the specifications of the environment on which it is deployed (and that the project relies on a Microsoft SQL Server database - MS SQL). Also, the previous MS SQL implementation used the "French" language, while the current one requires an English version of the database server. ... read more

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Mar 05, 2014 by Adrian

Simply put, a database is an organized collection of data. The first database appeared in the 60s by the name of Navigational DBMS (database management system), and later, in the 70s, a new type of database was created by Edgar Codd, an IBM employee. This new system was known as the "Relational database management system", or simply: RDBMS (as you probably know it :) - and it's still popular today ... read more

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