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AngularJS – how to write a simple application for listing products

Sep 01, 2016 by AdrianC

In the first article you got to know something about Angular, and now it's time to get underway and see it in action. The application that I'm going to present lists a number of products that can be selected, their total price being updated and displayed in real time. ... read more

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AngularJS – turning over a new leaf in web development

Jun 19, 2016 by AdrianC

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for Web applications, or simply said, a Web framework, which is sustained by Google and other corporations, and it's considered the best framework for developing single-page web applications.

Originally developed in 2009 (by Miško Hevery and Adam Abrons), Angular has quickly climbed the ladder in popularity, thanks to features such as: dependency injection, directive writing, two way data-binding and testability. ... read more

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Most popular Web Development trends in 2015 - Part 2

Feb 24, 2015 by AdrianC

I hope you enjoyed the first post from this series, so now I will continue presenting another 3 web development trends, which you have surely met while surfing the Internet: ... read more

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Most popular Web Development trends in 2015 - Part 1

Feb 18, 2015 by AdrianC

Imagine going to sleep in year 2005 and waking up in 2015... you refresh your websites and suddenly you get the feeling that something is terribly wrong. The whole website looks strangely flat, the elements arrange themselves when resizing the browser, and it seems to you that one of the websites has only 1 page. Also, what's up with that big image in the background? ... read more

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Swift: reinventing the wheel (Part 2)

Jan 29, 2015 by AdrianC

In the first part of this post I've described some of Swift's advantages and why Apple decided that it's time to move away from Objective-C. As shown in the previous article, Swift is a reimagined Objective-C, so (without entering into details about the latter) let's see what does Swift has to offer. ... read more

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Swift: reinventing the wheel (Part 1)

Jan 23, 2015 by AdrianC

Apple has been using Objective-C as their main programming language for many years, but the company from Cupertino decided that it's high time they underwent some "swift" changes in the way iOS and OS X developers are building apps for Apple’s operating systems. As a result, at the 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has introduced a new programming language: Swift, which had been under development since 2010. [...] Swift is a multi-paradigm programming language, purposely developed by Apple for the iOS and OS X operating systems. ... read more

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Leave your design to Bootstrap

Dec 05, 2014 by Alexandra

When the World Wide Web was invented, developers had in mind to create something functional (and that's about it). In just a few years, this has shifted towards creating a website that is not only functional, but also "eye candy". ... read more

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Alternatives for NPAPI

Oct 20, 2014 by Alin

As presented in my previous post about NPAPI, this architecture is slowly being phased out by browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, so more developers have started looking for alternatives. In this article I'll try to make up a list of the available options in terms of technologies ... read more

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The legacy of NPAPI

Oct 15, 2014 by Alin

"Netscape plug-in Application Programming Interface" (NPAPI) is a cross-browser plug-in architecture. In its early days, it was used by the Netscape browser (you might not remember, but Netscape was one of the first browsers, popular back in the 1990s), and then it has been adopted by the modern browsers. Nowadays, all major browsers (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari) are supporting NPAPI, even though some of them started to phase it out. ... read more

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Web development tools - Part 2

Sep 26, 2014 by AdrianC

The World Wide Web has reached 1 billion web pages in September 2014 (awesome, right?!), but for this to happen web developers had to work hard and meet the increasing demands of web development. This would have been impossible without proper web development tools, some of which will be presented in this second part of the article ... read more

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Web development tools - Part 1

Sep 18, 2014 by AdrianC

Creating faster and better looking web applications, and at the same time providing a smooth user experience on all platforms (desktop and mobile) - this is the struggle of today’s web developers. This is due to the fact that there are a plethora of devices on the market, and also to the fact that users nowadays are expecting high quality products.
The good news for every web developer is that there are plenty of web development tools from which they can choose. ... read more

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The lost art of Assembly Programming

Sep 08, 2014 by AdrianC

Assembly is a low-level programming language for a computer or any other programmable device, which has a very strong (generally one-to-one) correspondence with the machine language instructions (basically, the programmer speaks with the device by using the device’s language). Each assembly language is specific to a particular computer architecture, in contrast to most high-level programming languages, which are generally portable across multiple architectures. ... read more

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Should everyone learn how to code?

Aug 25, 2014 by BogdanD

Simply put, programming, or "coding", is one's ability to issue specific commands to a computer, from the most basic functions that the machine's hardware can perform to implementing complex problem solving algorithms. No industry can prosper without evolving, therefore integrating complex computing solutions is just as necessary as high quality, productive equipment. ... read more

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Brazil: a competitive software outsourcing destination

Jul 08, 2014 by Oana

FIFA World Cup is approaching the grand finale, and the entire world can't take their eyes off the beautiful country of Brazil. For those of you who are football fans, this is definitely an exciting time for you :) However, you should know that apart from football, coffee and samba, Brazil is also a well-known destination for software outsourcing and information technology services. Regarded as an alternative to India (in terms of software outsourcing), Brazil has managed in less than a decade to promote itself as a powerful player on the South American outsourcing market, thanks to its notable advantages, such as ... read more

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Romanian coding girls: closing the gender gap one code line at a time

Jun 18, 2014 by Alexandra

Recent studies have once again confirmed that, although the software development industry is one of the fastest growing industries at global level, the number of women involved in software projects is significantly lower than that of men. In 2013, for example, only 27% of all students attending the courses of the Computer Science department (at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest) have been girls. It seems that the main reason why girls tend to avoid such a challenging field as IT and software development, according to Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes is the "impostor syndrome". ... read more

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Outsourcing the right way

Jun 12, 2014 by Oana

When you decide to outsource the development of a software product towards an outsourcing company it’s important to get off on the right foot. This means that your requirements and expectations (look and feel of the software) need to be conveyed as clearly as possible to the outsourcing team. ... read more

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Inside the world of software outsourcing services

Jun 03, 2014 by Oana

It's common knowledge by now that outsourcing means to externalize a part of your processes (or an entire activity) towards a specialized company. When it comes to software outsourcing, this means an entire suite of services. So if you are a customer who is searching for an outsourcing company (to which you can externalize part of your internal activities), or a programmer in search of a job, here's what you need to know about the services typically provided by a software outsourcing company ... read more

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What's new in Visual Studio 2013

Feb 10, 2014 by Adrian

Microsoft seems to be following a new trend of shorter time frames between its product releases, so only 1 year after the release of Visual Studio 2012, we now have the next version of this popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

So what's new in Visual Studio 2013? you may ask, well, keep on reading, as we're going to tell you all :) ... read more

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iOS SDK: insights - Part 1

Jan 14, 2014 by Adrian

As of October 22, 2013, the App Store reached the 1 million apps milestone, which is quite an impressive achievement. Most of these apps have been developed with the help of the iOS SDK, the software development kit developed by Apple Inc., which provides the necessary tools and frameworks for developers. More precisely:

The iOS SDK was launched in March 6, 2008 (known as iPhone SDK), and contains the tools and resources for developing native iOS apps, by using the Objective-C programming language. ... read more

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Programming languages: how it all started - Part 2

Dec 16, 2013 by Adrian

After seeing (in Part 1) how programming languages have started, in Part 2 I will present a series of "vintage" programming languages, that helped develop modern programming. [...] Programming languages evolved from low level languages (the syntax is assembly language) into high level languages (the syntax contains natural language elements), providing programmers faster ways of writing code, while increasing performance by using Just-in-time compilation (Just-in-time, or JIT compilers are compiling the code after the program has started).

  ... read more

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Romanian pupils win big in Balkan informatics competitions

Dec 02, 2013 by Oana

Last week, at Shumen, Bulgaria, Romanian pupils have won a total of 9 medals in 2 regional Informatics competitions addressed to both juniors and senior, as follows [...] So congratulations to: Costin Andrei Oncescu, Smaranda-Monica Dicu, Darius Marian, Andrei-Cristian Stanciu, George Chichirim, Vlad Rochian, Andrei Popa, Mihai Gheorghe, Daniel Constantin, who have showed Europe that Romania has a great potential in IT, and that Romanian pupils are diligent, ambitious and enthusiastic when it comes to programming, mathematics, and technology in general. ... read more

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Programming languages: how it all started - Part 1

Nov 26, 2013 by Adrian

No one can deny that programming and computers have revolutionized our society: the way we work, the way we communicate, and the way we envision the future - but how did it all start? So in this set of articles I will try to present a brief history of programming languages: when did it all start, and where are we headed. ... read more

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Programming languages for web development

Sep 30, 2013 by Adrian

For more than 2 decades of web development, we have a staggering number of websites today, around 650 million in April 2013. In April 2008, the Internet contained only 165 million websites, so in 5 years 485 million websites have been created (~ 922 websites per hour!). But what are the programming languages that sustained this web development frenzy? ... read more

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Smartphone software development: the high and the low

Sep 03, 2013 by Adrian

Smartphone software development means developing software for mobile devices. Although you may think that this industry was born with App Store and Google Play, the truth is that it has started way before that. [...] The success of some has inspired others to venture into the task of apps development, but few are realizing that success doesn't come over night, and you have to work for it. ... read more

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Android tool of the day: Droid Explorer

Aug 26, 2013 by DanM

Whether you're a programmer or a tester, the Droid Explorer tool will make your life easier when it comes to developing or testing applications for Android. The Droid Explorer tool is the kind of tool that has everything you need - it's like a bundle of applications gathered in a one big app. ... read more

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Once again Romania wins gold in programming competition

Aug 09, 2013 by Oana

This year Brisbane (Australia) has held the International Olympiad in Informatics between July 6 – 12, and once again the Romanian students have returned with the prestigious gold medal. More exactly, the Romanian students have won 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal and 1 bronze medals. ... read more

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It's time you learned how to code!

Mar 05, 2013 by Oana

A week ago, released a video starring some of the world’s most well-known and successful programmers and entrepreneurs in the attempt to promote programming classes into American schools and to encourage kids and young people to learn how to code. ... read more

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We provide software outsourcing, so we try harder

Feb 26, 2013 by Oana

Yes, we are not a department within your company, but as an outsourcing company we do try harder to meet your requirements, to meet the deadlines and to provide a smooth communication. ... read more

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Testers vs. developers: collaboration is always the key - Part 2

Dec 07, 2012 by AlexI

For a software development company it's highly important to reach the correct testers-to-developers ratio, because this way the number of loopholes will be reduced and many bugs will be prevented, and so the end product will become more stable. ... read more

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Testers vs. developers: collaboration is always the key - Part 1

Nov 28, 2012 by AlexI

Testers and developers are two mandatory components in any software development process, and although some might argue that you can develop a piece of software without involving testers, in order to be a competitive software company you need to have a testing department. ... read more

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Romania ranks 1st among EU countries in programming competition

Nov 15, 2012 by Oana

The International Olympiad in Informatics (also known as IOI) is a global event of excellence, where gifted students compete for the highest distinction in programming. [...] This year, the beautiful Italian region Lake Garda (Lombardy, Italy) has hosted the international programming competition, between September 23-30. Among the European Union states, the Romanian team has ranked 1st with a total of 4 medals ... read more

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Inside the rich world of RIA: HTML 5, Silverlight and WPF-XBAP

Oct 09, 2012 by Oana

Our journey inside RIA continues with the advantages and disadvantage of the much-talked about HTML 5, then we take a look at Silverlight and WPF - XBAP, and come up with a conclusion. ... read more

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Inside the rich world of RIA: Flash and Ajax

Sep 17, 2012 by Oana

Internet access is becoming indispensable for many of us, and the rate of Internet penetration into our houses is growing exponentially with the number of PC / laptops / netbooks / tablets / smartphones bought. Practically, as there are more devices on the market that allow you to connect to the Internet ... read more

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A look into Agile development - Part 2

Aug 14, 2012 by AlexI

As opposed to Agile, older methodologies, such as Waterfall, rely on a precise order of phases throughout the whole development process (Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, Maintenance) and heavily focus on initial planning. ... read more

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A look into Agile development - Part 1

Jul 09, 2012 by AlexI

By now you've sure heard about the Agile software development methodology, or even used this methodology in your work, so you know how intricate things can be. In order to shed some light onto this matter, I've gathered below the most important notions that a programmer / tester needs to know about Agile development. ... read more

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Gray-box: the bridge between black-box and white-box testing

May 14, 2012 by AlexI

Traditionally, software testing is divided into two major methods: black-box testing and white-box testing. [...] Apart from these two testing methods, another methodology has become more and more popular: gray-box testing. ... read more

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How to implement a DelayTextBox - Part 2

Apr 16, 2012 by Stefan

As compared to solution #1 (using a Timer), the second approach (using the Rx / Reactive Extensions library) brings quite a few advantages: ... read more

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How to implement a DelayTextBox - Part 1

Mar 12, 2012 by Stefan

When coding, you often need to implement a functionality that requires to be automatically performed after the text inside a text-box has changed. This can easily be implemented using the TextChanged event of a TextBox control. ... read more

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Android 3.0 Honeycomb: ready to conquer the tablet market

Jul 19, 2011 by Oana

Also known as Honeycomb, Android 3.0 is a tablet oriented platform which supports devices with larger screen size. Honeycomb is the next version in line after the 2.3 version, aka Gingerbread, and the predecessor of the soon to come Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, which will be a dual platform compatible with both smartphones and tablets. ... read more

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HTML 5 - The Evolving Web

Jun 09, 2010 by Oana

The World Wide Web is an environment which will never cease to evolve and to create newer and newer possibilities and solutions for every imaginable need. Such an example is HTML5: the next generation of HyperText Markup Language. ... read more

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Go - the newest programming language from Google! What's next?

Nov 26, 2009 by Oana

After entering a partnership with Verizon last month, and after launching the newest Android 2.0 smartphone (I am talking about Motorola Droid, of course) on November 6, only four days later (on November 10) Google has released Go: its first programming language. ... read more

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.NET Framework 4 Beta 1 released

Aug 14, 2009 by Doina

Following the announcement of the first Beta version for the Microsoft development platform and tools, the new enhanced .NET Framework 4 Beta 1 is available for download from MSDN.

One of the exciting new features, though not sure to remain in the final release, is ... read more

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ASP.NET - Including CSS and JS file references

Jul 21, 2009 by Constantin

If you're wondering what is the best way to include CSS and JS file references in ASP.NET pages, here is a quick guide that outlines the available options and shows which approach suits each situation.

  ... read more

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Silverlight 3 – Microsoft's Lancelot

Jul 10, 2009 by Doina

This month's MIX conference revealed a lot of "hot" stuff about the new MS products, and Silverlight 3, released yesterday, was one of the topics discussed. Fully supported by Visual Studio and Expression Blend, Silverlight 3 is hyped with: significant graphics improvements including 3D graphics support, out of browser support that allows Web applications to work on the desktop, important media enhancements, GPU acceleration and many other features that improve RIA development productivity. The future ... read more

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ASP.NET – AJAX client side network calls

Jun 17, 2009 by Constantin

ASP.NET AJAX is a Microsoft solution that provides support for implementing XMLHttp requests. This type of request is different from the normal web requests by the format and amount of data it sends to and receives from the server – it is a minimal (partial) postback, sending and receiving only the important data, instead of transferring the entire page, as a normal postback would do.

Normally we would take advantage of this feature by using an UpdatePanel, but we can also do it by using network calls – as we’ll be able to see in the following example ... read more

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Silverlight: made to light up the Web

Mar 09, 2009 by Oana

Exactly 2 years have passed from the initial release of Silverlight, in April 2007, and during this time period a number of definitions have appeared, trying to better explain what Silverlight is and what it actually does. Some say it is a web browser plugin, some view it as a new Microsoft technology that allows the development of RIA (Rich Internet Applications) and some just know that it is an alternative to Adobe's Flash. All of these definitions are quite true, but incomplete one without the other ... read more

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Making a Response.Redirect from plain HTML or JavaScript

Jan 27, 2009 by Constantin

The standard approach for making a URL redirection in ASP.NET is to use a Redirect call:


What happens behind the scenes: the server (IIS) sends to the browser a simple HTTP Response, containing a message code ("302"), which essentially tells the browser to issue a new HTTP Request, for obtaining the new destination URL. Next, the browser issues that new request, and in the end it receives another page, served from that new URL.

This redirection behavior can be also obtained by plain HTML (no ASP.NET needed), if including in the HTML page a "meta tag": ... read more

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Tips for deploying an ASP.NET Ajax website

Jan 05, 2009 by Constantin

Microsoft ASP.NET Ajax is a great platform, and provides lots of functionalities, but you need to know your way around it, to make the most of its capabilities. Today I'll be writing down a couple of tips that will help you when deploying an Ajax website in IIS. ... read more

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