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Romanian students innovate at Microsoft's Imagine Cup

Jul 14, 2016 by BogdanD

We did it again :) Just a couple of weeks ago, Flavia Oprea, Iulian Mateșică and Cristian Alexandrescu from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest won the Innovation challenge in Microsoft's Imagine Cup competition. ... read more

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Romanian OS sees the light of day

Aug 30, 2015 by Oana

I know that currently the entire IT world talks about Windows 10 and Microsoft, but how about the first Romanian-built operating system? Yeah, you heard me right, 2 operatins systems made in Romania have seen the light of day this August, at the University of Babes-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca. Curious? ... read more

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International Mathematical Olympiad 2015: Romania ranks 1st in EU

Jul 23, 2015 by Oana

This year, the International Mathematical Olympiad was held in the exotic Thailand, between July 4 - July 15. This was the 56th edition of the event, and has accommodated 577 high-school students from 104 countries. [...]

The Romanian high-school students - Simona Diaconu, Theodor Andrei Andronache, Marius Ioan Bocanu, Ciprian Mircea Bonciocat, Stefan Spataru, Andrei Bogdan Puiu - have won this year 6 medals [...]. ... read more

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2015 LSAC Job Fair: SBP was there

Mar 09, 2015 by Oana

On March 5-6 our company has attended to the 2015 LSAC Job Fair, held at the "College of Automatic Control and Computers", at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest (aka "UPB"). We went there to present our company's story, we saw and talked to a lot of students and we won them over with our enthusiasm :) ... read more

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Romania - home of the 2014 Top Ten International Network Award

Nov 07, 2014 by Oana

November 7 was an eventful day for TTAIN, as they hosted a ceremony to reward a series of partner companies (for performing their daily activities in accordance with the ISO suite of standards and certifications). It's worth mentioning here the ISO 27001 standard (security management system), ISO 9001 (quality management system), and also the suite of ISO 14000 standards (that address several aspects of environmental management). ... read more

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Romanian-born scientist receives the Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Oct 08, 2014 by Oana

Today, in Romania, one name is on everyone's lips: Stefan W. Hell. The German biochemist of Romanian origin, Stefan W. Hell, together with his 2 American colleagues Eric Betzig and William E. Moerner, has won the Nobel prize in Chemistry for the "the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy". ... read more

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