Fingerprint Authentication

Supported platforms: Windows, Windows Server

This is a system based on a biometric fingerprint reader device, which provides a straightforward approach for high security online authentication.




  • The system can be configured to work with fingerprints only (for commodity) or with usernames and fingerprints (for a large number of users)
  • It is implemented as a self installing ActiveX component, which makes the deployment transparent to the user 




The most important concern was the safety of the system, therefore a biometric device has been chosen as identity recognizer. The advantages, from a security stand point are:

  • Unbreakable password - the code generate from the fingerprint of each user is quite large compared to conventional passwords, and so it is immune to a brute force attack

  • Unique password - the code is generated automatically and is unique for each user

  • Fake finger detection - the sensor can detect a real finger from a fake one, reducing the risk of fingerprint impersonation

 Another benefit of this solution is related to the ease of use:

  • One simple touch is enough for identification

  • Users cannot forget their passwords

  • Users can select different fingers as their password



  Symphony Materialize AngularJS
  Visual C++ .NET ASP.NET MS SQL Server MS IIS




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