In today's world, outsourcing is seen as a way to increase the efficiency of a certain activity / department within a company and to reduce the total overall costs. So more and more companies are relying on outsourcing to custom-develop an application or improve a software product, to provide their customers with support / assistance services, and even to help them with their marketing / Internet marketing and advertising campaigns.

As a software outsourcing company, we do our best to understand the needs of our clients, to meet their requirements and deadlines, and to provide a smooth communication with every and each one of our customer. As we see it, as a software outsourcing company we are responsible for delivering a complete set of services, which include:

* Software development

* Software testing

* Providing IT consultancy advice

* Providing documented and detailed analysis and research on a certain technology

* Providing continuous feedback via email, phone, instant message

* Providing accurate and complete documentation

* Providing video and written support materials (such as: videos, PowerPoint presentations, written tutorials)

Due to the technological limitations and applications incompatibility, sometimes the software development process can become a bumpy road, however we know that we can find the most suitable workarounds, so that in the end we deliver the software product that our customer envisions.

Also, as an offshore / nearshore company, we may not be physically at your location, but we are just an email away; and if you want to, you can even come and visit us, and maybe stay for a cup of coffee :)